GO TRIP definition

    GO Trip- A GO Trip is what we would “normally” call a mission trip. There are a few unique things that make a GO Trip different than your old school mission trip:

  1.  What we call it is different… in case you haven’t caught that yet.
  2.   But the important part of the different name is what the name says about what we are doing. Think about when you hear the phrase mission trip. What comes to mind immediately? For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind is, going somewhere to build, repair, or fix up some kind of building or yard or other project like that. Am I right? If so, that is exactly why we have chosen to call our trips, GO TRIPS. GO simply means Gospel Opportunity. 
  3.     So in short a GO TRIP is a Gospel Opportunity Trip.

    A trip that is defined not by the physical project we will do, but by the Gospel conversations we will have in every aspect of our trip. These conversations should/could happen;

  • o   during fundraising, during travel, at our place of rest while on the trip, at the project, during our fun day, on our travel home, at home after the trip, and all the way till the last thank you letter is sent out, then on for the rest of our lives.


So with that being said, this year we have decided as a church to send a GO TEAM to Jacksonville FL in mid June to help out a dear friend, Forrest Coulter, and his church plant, Salt Rock Church. We have been asked to provide a solid Sports/Crafts camp to reach out to the community there to help build relationships between the community and Salt Rock Church.

IF you are interested at all in getting involved with this trip you can check

it out more on our Parkland Ministry facebook page here!





All year long, here at Parkland Baptist Church, we collect items to be placed in Operation Christimas Child shoe boxes. This is a Samaritans Purse ministry that we here at Parkland have become very involved with over the years. Parkland is a local relay center and this month we are finishing the collection process for Operation Christmas Chid. We will be having a packing party on November 14th from noon-2pm to finish packing any shoe boxes we have left with items that have been donated. This party lands in the middle of national collection week, so we will be collecting boxes from all over our area from the 12th-18th.We will be receiving shoe boxes from 1:00pm until 5:00pm on those dates, Monday through Sunday. On Monday November 20th, from 8:00am until noon.  IF you still have items to donate you can bring them to Parkland any day of the week or with you to the packing party.

Or, if you are new to this and want to know more about the items to donate, or you would like to know how to pack your own shoe box, please click the picture below for more information.